Free and premium courses designed to improve or refresh your knowledge of FOI. Target audiences include all staff affected by FOI, operational FOI Officers and accredited FOI Officers


This online course has been developed for all South Australian Government employees, both Local and State, and university staff.  This course has been designed to provide an overview of the key elements within freedom of information.

Learning Objectives

Completing this course will help you understand:

      • what FOI is and its purpose,
      • the objects of the FOI Act,
      • making and processing FOI applications,
      • FOI decision-making,
      • agency responsibilities under the FOI Act, and
      • staff responsibilities under the FOI Act.

 Your progress will not be saved by State Records so it is advised you complete the training in one attempt.

Please note, this course is not designed to be accessed using Internet Explorer.

This 2 part training provides the participant with the knowledge and skills to allow them to process FOI applications and draft their determinations.

Completion of this training is a mandatory requirement for staff to be designated by their principal officer as an accredited FOI officer - provided they meet the definition of an accredited FOI officer in section 4 of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 


How is the training structured?

This is a comprehensive training course that is made up of several modules.  These modules are delivered in two stages by State Records:

    • the first, a series of independent learning modules undertaken by the student online, and
    • the second, two interactive webinar sessions (a Monday and the following Wednesday).

Online independent learning modules
    • Module 1 - FOI Officers and the FOI Act - 45-60 mins
    • Module 2.1 - Receiving FOI Applications - 45-60 mins
    • Module 2.2 - Processing FOI Applications (part 1) - 60+ mins
    • Module 2.3 - Processing FOI Applications (part 2) - 60+ mins
    • Module 2.4 - Reviewing and Reporting - 30-45 mins
    • Module 3.1 - Introduction to Exemptions - 45-60 mins

Webinar modules (conducted over two 3.5 hour webinars)
    • Module 3.2 - examines the types of documents that may be exempt from disclosure and the relevant exemption clauses that might apply
    • Module 4 - examines the requirements of making and drafting a written determination under the FOI Act.
Webinar Dates

IMPORTANT:  A webinar seat cannot be secured until the online modules are complete.  The online independent learning modules act as a prerequisite to the webinar modules.  Participants will be able to book their seat at a webinar once they have completed Modules 1 through 3.1.  

    • 2024 - May 6th and 8th
    • 2024 - June 3rd and 5th

Who are Accredited and Non-accredited FOI Officers?

Accredited FOI Officers are responsible for dealing with FOI applications and making determinations.  

Non-accredited FOI Officers can also deal with and process FOI applications, however they cannot officially sign off on a determination.  They are also known as Support or Operational FOI Officers.

Employees from State Government, Local Government and Universities can enrol in this training.  Our FOI training courses are not open to the public.

For more information, see our information sheet - What is an Accredited FOI Officer?

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling on behalf of another staff member, please ensure they have read the course description above.


The FOI Refresher is an online course designed to ‘refresh’ experienced FOI officers on important aspects of processing FOI applications
and making decisions under the Freedom of Information Act 1991

This comprehensive course consists of 10 short modules covering:

    • the objects of the FOI Act
    • dealing with applicants
    • interpreting and searching
    • deemed refusals
    • third party consultation
    • fees and charges
    • refusing to deal with an application
    • the public interest
    • assessing exemption clauses
    • making determinations

Completion of this course does not enable a student to be designated as an accredited FOI officer.

To become an accredited FOI officer complete the Accredited and Non-Accredited FOI Officers classroom course.